Don’t roll the dice with your business.

Google Loves Fast Sites. And if you want Google to Love you too it’s important your site be running at its fastest at all times.


We understand how important your website is to your business. If your website crashes, get corrupted or hacked it can cause an untold amount of problems for you and your customer.

Lost revenue, stolen credit card details and blacklisting from Google are problems the online community deal with every day.

That’s why all our hosting servers are in Australia. Are maintained by us and accessed only by the team that works on your account. Because there’s no reason to take the security of your business offshore.

Secure Hosting is not the only reason we run our servers from Australia. Having your website hosted in Australia by a registered Australian company is important to maintaining a high SEO ranking in the Aus market.

It makes sense when you think about it. When your site is hosted in America by an American company who do you think google assume you’re trying to sell to?

Most Aussie SEO companies don’t even realizes this themselves.

All our hosting plans include

  • Aussie Hosting
  • Aussie tech support
  • Backup of website information
  • Protection against hacking
  • Secure storage of sensitive information
  • SEO Servers
  • Fast Connection speeds

Basic Hosting

FAST Aussie Servers
$19.95per month
  • Local Tech Support
  • Put your site on fast Aussie Servers
  • 1gb Storage
  • 100gb/month Bandwidth
  • -
  • -

Managed Hosting

SEO & Updates
$99.95per month
  • We Build & host your site
  • SEO Changes included
  • Local Tech Support
  • 2gb Storage
  • 500gb/month Bandwidth
  • -

E-Commerce Hosting

SSL & Added Support
$149.95per month
  • Daily Website backups
  • Daily Email backups
  • Daily Database backups
  • Local Tech Support
  • 5gb Storage
  • 1000gb/month Bandwidth

How can we help?

    Project Budget

    Our Services

    Marketing Stratergies

    • Conversion tracking: see where the sales come from.
    • Google Analytics: all the data to grow online.
    • Google Star Rating: official reviews of our site.
    • Google My Business: helps people find you first.
    • Google Maps: a map to your business on your contact page.
    • Business name email addresses: multiple email addresses.
    • SEO: fully optimized site from the moment you go live.

    Extra Content

    • Multimedia: get noticed with image &video content.
    • The latest apps: handle your subscribers
    • Australian hosting: FAST reliable servers.
    • Free tech support: don’t get transferred overseas.
    • Online security: Secure off site backups.
    • Advanced webpage protection: Keep your uptime high.
    • Built on the latest CMS & E-Commenrce Systems.