Being an Australian SEO company ourselves no one could say that our advice is not at least a little bit biased. But my biased is well founded and comes from years in the industry of hearing very similar stories over and over again.

So the short answer is no. If you’re simply looking for the honest opinion of an industry professional there it is. This is not slight against Indian Digital Marketing Companies just the old saying “once bitten twice shy” weighs in here.

A few times a year I loose customers to offshore SEO agencies. Usually these companies are based out of India or the Philippines and employ a small army of workers to endless dial Australian Businesses and spam Australian email accounts. As far as I know it has never worked well. A lot of customers contact me 3/6 months latter asking to come back. Others have too much pride for that but I can see through the account I have made for them on SEMrush that the number of organic visitors they are getting to their site is slowly (if their lucky) in decline.

I have no doubt that there are some very effective and professional Indian SEO companies out there. The problem is trying to figure out who they are. There are too many cowboys coasting through the local Search Engine Optimization Scene when you outsource to another country you are knowingly playing Russian-roulette with your online sales/lead generation.

Why does anyone hire SEO Firms located overseas then?

Well, honestly some people just don’t know any better. They figure their Stereo from China is world class so why shouldn’t a marketing company from India also be. There are a lot of people, like my ex-customers for example that do know better but are simply loose track of their common sense and are lured to Asian market because of the incredibly cheap prices. Ultimately you might be paying an offshore SEO company somewhere from 20%-33% of what you would pay an Aussie company but this is false economy. Paying a company to undo months of meticulous work or harm your online reputation is not a wise idea. Even if they’ll do it for cheap.

No matter who you decide to go with make sure you check reviews from third party sources.

Google Reviews
True Local
Yellow Pages

Don’t be afraid to ask for references.

And make sure you do at least some homework for yourself so you can ask them a few detailed questions about the Search Engine Optimization Plan they are going to implement for your website.

Paul Kasperski
Was born and raised in Adelaide CBD where he continues to live to this day. In addition to being the Senior Web Design Consultant for the Web Champions Australia team he continues to lecture on computer animation, web design & WordPress at the Adelaide TAFE. Despite the hipster take over he plans to relocate to Sydney in 2018 as the head of Web Champions NSW (New South Wales) Office.