While there are many good Australian website hosting companies, they seem to not be as cheap as the budget web-hosting options from the U.S.A.

Web hosting is far more important than Aussie Business owners realize.

Web hosting has a huge effect on SEO
If the Server is not backed up and crashes you will loose your website.
(read the fine print, no budget company will cover this lose)
If the server is hacked it could give criminals access to your email, customers CC-details and even get you banned from Google ☹

And if there is one thing we all want it is for Puppa Google it is  to Love our website like it was their own.

WordPress Hosting 2017/2018

What about WordPress I hear you say. WordPress will host your website for free, and if you’re a student or casual blogger or have some kind of site that is driven by passion rather than e-commerce then my recommendation is go for it.

WordPress giving you a website template and hosting your site for free. This is as close to a free meal as you will ever get.

For Australian business owners a domain ending in .wordpress is simply not professional. Check out the website of any major Aussie company and you will see they all end in .au whether they are located in Alice Springs or Sydney’s CBD .au is not only the most appropriate domain but also the best for ranking in Australian search results in Googles Search Engine (SEO).

.au domains also help protect the integrity of your brand from. Australia is one of the few countries in the world to have this inbuilt protection with the registering of domains. click here to read more.

Budget Australian Web hosting vs Cheap US web hosting

There are some people who are intent on the cheapest deal. This blog is for them.
While the old saying “you get what you pay for” is more true on the web than anywhere else there are circumstances when a cheap deal is a good deal. Sorry Aussies Business owners….this doesn’t apply to you.

Web-hosting Company Price Comparisons & Review


Pros’ of GO DADDY
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited Disk Space
99.9% up time
24/7 Tech Support

24/7 Tech Support is terrible. Expect long wait times and underqualified staff.
Allegations of fraud and even theft. NO really you can ask Puppa Google.
Go Daddy sells your information. Expect a lot of spam mail and unwanted telemarketer calls

webhostinggeeks.com has reviewed their overall service at 1.8 out of 5 based on 760 reviews. Yikes!

Cost: ever changing bargain prices. From as low as $1.95 a mont.


Pro’s of Host Monster
Free Domain
C-Panel Control

Up time test failed
Inconsistent support

whoishostingthis.com  has reviewed there overall service at 2.4 out of 5 based on 84 reviews.

Cost: $3:95 a month


Great up time
Even better page loading time
No Hidden fees

No C-Panel
Limited features
Not suited for a big company or larger sites ‘

hostingfacts.com has them reviewed at 7.6 out of 10. Really not bad.

Cost: $9.95 a month on a one year plan.

Host Gator

supports WordPress Joomla, Magento ect
free website transfer
Some good features

Technical issues
billing issues
systems are not regularly updated

webhostinggeeks.com reviewed them at 2 out of 5.

Cost: $4:95 a month on a one year plan. I think. We also found a 1cent offer in our research. Buyer beware

Blue Host

We read exstensvily through the reviews and failed to find any….
They are cheap.

They are cheap
Poor technical support
Live Chat staff trained to say “we can’t help you with that”
Not really an unlimited service

webhostinggeeks.com reviewed Blue Host at 2.5 out of 5 from 709 reviews.

Cost: $2.95 a month on a three year contract.

Best Cheap Web-Hosting Company

Shared budget web hosting is certainly an appealing concept. Like playing the Lotto. But if you bet your business on either you are asking for trouble. From our research the best budget shared hosting company in Australia or anywhere it looks like it’s Dream Host. Still it is not without its fair share of problems and one star reviews from unsatisfied customers.

But if your insistent on-going low budget we recommend you check them out.

BUDGET HOSTING, Finale thoughts.

It’s no wonder these companies have so many problems when they are charging three dollars a month, sometimes for multiple services. It’s not a sustainable business model. Let me rephrase that. It’s a very lucrative business model, not a good one.

People really should know better. Obviously these companies are going to look for alternative means of income when they are offering “free domains” and “1-cent a month promotions”
the price you pay is an inbox full of spam, unreliable hosting and support.

The online world of trade and commerce is more like the real one than most people care to realize.
If a painter, mechanic,  plumber, babysitter or accountant offered you their services at 3000% below market price you would be immediately suspicions.

Don’t be angry at Go Daddy for delivering you a sub-par service at a sub-par price. When you think of it like that there is really nothing else you could expect from them.

And don’t bet your online business on less money than it cost to buy a coffee.
Also if a dark clothed strangers approaches you at 4am in a dirty night club offering to sell you magic beans don’t sign a contract for three years’ worth. Stand in the rain and you’re going to get wet.
Happy Ranking